Einträge von Laura Boston-Thek

Winterizing your Ride

On the day we moved to Schiersee, as the moving company was unloading our truck to the back drop of the wintery Brecherspitz mountain, I kept hearing one word in German mumbled under their breath…” Schneeloch”, simply translated to English as “Snow Hole”. I think they thought we were absolutely crazy to move from the […]

Frauenbund & Santa’s Workshop

In my search of Santa’s helpers in Schliersee, I stopped by Gasthaus Seewinkle on a windy afternoon right before first Advent and the opening of Schliersee’s Seeweihnachts I had an insider tip that a group of Santa’s helpers from the Frauenbund in Schliersee would be gathered and busily preparing their items for their Christmas market […]

Leonhardifahrt – The Blessing of the Horse

The grinding sound of wagon wheels, bells and low whispered prayers while steam rises in the morning light from the backs of beautifully liveried horses…that for me is Leonhardifahrt in Schliersee. On a crisp autumn morning in November, the wooden carriages begin their procession to the St. Leonhard Chapel in Fischhausen.  Each hand painted historic […]

Autumn Traditions and Time Travel – part 2

I met Hartl once more at his breathtaking lake side farm early in the morning while the dew was still glistening on the grass and the fog was beginning to lift revealing the mountains once more. After our long jeep ride up the mountain passing several groups of hikers heading up Bodenschneid in this perfect […]

Autumn Traditions and Time Travel – part 1

We met at dusk on the evening of our first meeting.  Leonhard “Hartl” Markhauser of Fischhausen, a local farmer, and his father Joseph “Sepp” Markhauser kindly collected me and then drove through the dark foggy forest to meet Anna Deutschenbaur the Sennerin, herder and cheese maker for the Rainer-Alm. Anna met us at the door […]

Früchte-Jähne a Food Lovers Paradise

On a bustling corner in Schliersee, directly on B307 at the traffic light with Tengelmenns and the Intersport, you will find a Schliersee tradition. For 33 years, 2 generations of the Jähne family have provided Schliersee and it’s many visitors with an amazing array of fruits and vegetables. From the ordinary to the exotic.  And […]

Schwammal (Schwammerl) in Schliersee Time

As a companion piece to my article on Früchte Jähne, Schliersee’s produce paradise, I wanted to share an incredible simple recipe that you can even make on a camp fire while out on a hike.  Especially if you were to make your crepes ahead of time and roll them up around a paper towel tube […]

Almabtrieb “When the Cows Come Home”

Here it is again, that magical time of year filled with cowbells and fancily festooned farm animals. It is the Almabtrieb season once more. It feels like only yesterday the local cows danced out of the barns after a long dark winter to head up into the lush green pastures high upon the mountaintops. Almabtrieb […]


On 7 August early in the morning about 8 am on the Fischhausen side of lake Schliersee you will find a bustle of activity.  Historic hand carved wooden boats being festooned with boughs of colorful flowers and grasses.  Many fingers moving at a rapid pace to get all the boats beautified before the begin their tour across […]

Marlenes Bistro Schliersee

Situated smack dab in the middle of Neuhaus, right between Spitzingsee and Schliersee adjacent to a beautifully gardened park is a little oasis filled with flowers and the incredible aroma of beef grilling on a lava grill.  If you have ever been to Neuhaus I am sure you know I am talking about Marlene’s. To […]