Einträge von Laura Boston-Thek

Watersport Schliersee

Having just came in from a beautiful early Sunday morning paddle around Schliersee lake and I thought I would share a tip with you all.  Let me tell you that view of Brecherspitz from the water is something to be experienced first hand. Located on the B307 just before you reach Fischhausen is a rustic […]

Elderflower Syrup

I am a huge fan of free fun and at this time of year there are plenty of delicious free treats to discover in and around Schliersee.  One such bit of fantastic foraging fun is to make your own elderflower syrup to be savored for the rest of the year.  Imagine having the taste of […]

I grab my kayak

Part of my great plan when making the move to Schliersee was to become once more healthy and physically fit.  It was the choice to make moving in the beautiful landscape a priority not just for me but for my family as a whole. This year on my birthday I added kayaking to my movement […]


On a particular torrentially rainy summer Sunday in June, the roads, lakes and mountain sides were taken over by an army of beautifully functioning human machines.  Have you guessed yet what my overly dramatized description might be about?  Yes, on this day the Schliersee Alpen Triathlon was held.  The whole event was an amazing array […]


Many years ago when I first came to Germany, I arrived with a suitcase full of my American ideas.  My mother, a consummate gardener, perceived the golden yellow blossom of the Dandelion flower as a mortal enemy.  “It just one is let to survive, the entire yard is ruined”.  So she spent many hours of […]

A little Nip of Courage – Schnapserei Spitzingsee

I love Schnapps, there I’ve said it.  I am not sure if it is my Irish ancestry but my Grandmother and my mother were both known to have made various alcoholic concoctions.  Their favorite being a simple mixture of honey, lemon and whisky to fight a cold.  These magical, herbal mixtures have been handed down […]

Schliersee Neuhaus Blacksmith

  The Hammerschmiede in Neuhaus is located next to the Brunnhof cafe and is an easy walking distance from the Joseftal Waterfall and is a great excuse to visit all three locations.   There is a long history dating back to 1720 for this working blacksmith shop and the present “Smithy” Josef Geisler, has been making […]

Schliersee Spring Pesto

While the final snow melts each Spring, the bright green, very fragrant leaves of the wild garlic plants.  Bärlauch as it is called in German carpet the forest floors in the Schliersee.  The clean color for me is the perfect crisp springtime color but don’t forget the flavor.  Can you believe with a little bit […]

Schliersee Dogwalks

Whenever I travel anywhere, the first thing I do is explore a few great routes for my dog and I to walk daily.  Since moving here to Schliersee I have to admit many days that is a tough decision. Which amazing walk to explore.  Many days I let my dog choose.  After all he is […]

Schliersee sleds and sledding

Living here in Germany for many years, we have learned the art of long wander each Sunday with friends or family. Having a destination where you can have a meal or even just a drink gives the walkers motivation and inspiration to travel further. Here in Schliersee on most snowy Winter Sundays everyone excitedly pulls […]