Einträge von Laura Boston-Thek

The Great Debate…To Pick Up or not to pick up…that is the question.

It’s a constant discussion amongst dog owners here in Schliersee, ”Why exactly do I have to pick up after my dog when all other animals are allowed to defecate wherever they wish?”. Are the reasons simply cosmetic or a real environmental concern? Do the dog droppings somehow affect our precious cheese production? Isn’t it just […]

Die große Debatte … Hundekot aufheben oder nicht aufheben … das ist hier die Frage.

Hier in Schliersee findet eine andauernde Diskussion unter den Hundebesitzern statt: „Warum muss gerade ich die Hinterlassenschaften meines Hundes aufheben, wenn alle anderen Tiere ihr Geschäft – überall wo sie wollen – verrichten dürfen?“ Sind die Gründe eher kosmetischer Natur oder handelt es sich um echte Umweltbelange? Schaden die Hundeexkremente unsere kostbare Käseproduktion? Könnte man […]

Eyes Skyward

“HURRY UP and look out the window” is a cry you hear daily in our house. Life n the mountains can be full of wonder and adventure, especially with all the constant weather changes. We have experienced many exciting environmental moments since our move to Schliersee. From waking to find red Saharan sand covering everything […]

Restaurant David – Breathing New Life in this Season of Rebirth

On a chilly Spring evening I met with András Kalmár and his wife Annett Kalmár-Seer and her brother Dávid Seer. They kindly invited me to their family owned and operated restaurant. Restaurant David, named after Dávid Seer who is the manager, is located in the picturesque alpine victorian, Wirtshaus Wendelstein right downtown in Schliersee. On […]

Skiing…Like Riding a Bike

Growing up in the Northeast of the United States I learned to ski at an early age and really looked forward to racing down the slopes each winter.  Sadly for the past 25 or so years, I haven’t put on a pair of skis.  This year, after watching everyone hit the beautiful slopes here on […]

Never a Shortage of Winter Fun

On many snowy winter’s days in Schliersee we are faced with an important decision: “What are we going to play today?”  Should we go sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, cross country, ice skating or just take a beautiful hike. What a wonderful plethora of outdoor adventures await us each day. This year we were treated to not […]