Schliersee Dogwalks

Whenever I travel anywhere, the first thing I do is explore a few great routes for my dog and I to walk daily.  Since moving here to Schliersee I have to admit many days that is a tough decision. Which amazing walk to explore.  Many days I let my dog choose.  After all he is a Terrier and has his own opinions on where we should wander.

In late Winter when most of the valley floor has lost its snow and my snow loving dog and I are feeling a bit depressed to see it all melt, we have a secret path that normally reaps rewards.  Our favorite walks originate in the Neuhaus part of Schliersee.  This is a great one if you arrive by train to the Schliersee area.  From the station you follow the signs for Bockerlbahnweg, it will have a small train engine symbol.  Behind the Pfannilift in Neuhaus is where you begin to enter the forest and normally the snow will begin there.

Another of my dog’s favorite walks which is great for all ages and fitness levels is the Filzenweg.  This is a beautifully shaded walk which follows along side beautiful crystal green streams and affords you views of mountains and wraps around an alpine moor.  My dog loves to be able to hop in and out of the stream at will to cool off and quench his thirst. This walk can be short or long depending upon how far you or your four legged companion wishes to travel.  If you are looking for a longer walk, you can do just the one loop or you can cross over Spitzingstrasse and add the Kleine Moorwanderweg.

A great place to park for the Moor walk and the Filzenweg is just off Spitzingseestrasse and Auerachstrasse.  Dog toilet bags are provided near the tennis club along the path but please consider always carrying your own supply.,+83727+Schliersee/@47.6999171,11.8867726,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x479d89ff0b6e3765:0xedbff527293f68e


Laura Boston-Thek

American artist, photographer and professional wanderer who, after 20 years of roaming, put down roots in a 100 year old Bavarian farmhouse and fell in love with the Alpine village and its residents (both 2-legged and 4-legged).