A little Nip of Courage – Schnapserei Spitzingsee

I love Schnapps, there I’ve said it.  I am not sure if it is my Irish ancestry but my Grandmother and my mother were both known to have made various alcoholic concoctions.  Their favorite being a simple mixture of honey, lemon and whisky to fight a cold.  These magical, herbal mixtures have been handed down through time.

So on a chilly dark day while hiking on Spitzingsee my girlfriend mentioned she discovered a new locally produced Schnapserei we had to make a slight detour and try a few out.

The shop is located near the church directly in the village of Spitzingsee.  Its rather hard to miss with the life size plastic cow reproduction out front.  Insidetypically historic Bavarian interior, you might almost miss the shop owner behind the counter through all the copious beautifully hand decorated bottles.

A former restauranteur, he now plays with his hobby of Schnapps and liquor manufacturing.   The shop offers you such creative combinations like Lemon-Pepper, Chili-honey and Bauernbrot Schnapps.  I personally am going back for a bottle of his homemade Gin.  Which he makes very traditionally with Juniper berries and “none of those fancy boutique things.”  This is really Gin made as it should be.

So, next time you up on Spitzingsee and are looking for just the right nip of courage to help you get to the Rotwand Gipfel.  Stop by and tuck a bottle or two in your backpack.  One for encouragement and the other for recovery.

Laura Boston-Thek

American artist, photographer and professional wanderer who, after 20 years of roaming, put down roots in a 100 year old Bavarian farmhouse and fell in love with the Alpine village and its residents (both 2-legged and 4-legged).