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Neighbors Helping Neighbors…Truly a Benefit

“There is nothing good, unless you do it!” or in the original German “Es gibt nichts Gutes, außer man tut es” this is the motto of NachbarschaftsHilfe Schliersee. They truly represent this quote by supporting the people of Schliersee. For the past three years, the Bauerntheater with its beautiful and traditionally painted wooden interior has […]


Feel the Burn & Get Stacking

There is a universal saying, that wood warms a person three times; once when you cut it; once when you stack it; and once when you burn it.   This was told to me in my first year in Schliersee by the man delivering my firewood. I think he saw panic in my face the […]


It’s Wander Time in Schliersee

Autumn is the time to wander in Schliersee. All those beautiful breezes and cooler temperatures make long hikes so much more enjoyable.  And lets not forget the way the warmer light illuminates the Fall colors. It is seriously and endless treat for the senses. I thought I would share with you an incredible hike I […]


Da summa is außi -The Summer is Over

After a long peaceful summer with the cows dotted lazily about in alpine pastures we are reaching the final climax of a successful season. There is such peace and tranquility in these days filled with the long golden light of autumn. As the many tourists begin to head back to their homes and sometimes stressful […]


Bavarian Highland Games 2017

It happens each year in our picturesque little alpine village….and invasion by sweaty grunting super humans in kilts. The Bavarian Highland Games are hosted each September by the Wasmeier Museum. Like thunder through the alps, these games which have become emblematic of Scotland, along with bagpipes, the kilt, and these games showing local feats of […]