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Icy Track and Sky Fire…A Biathlon for Everyone in Schliersee

At sunset on an unseasonably warm February evening groups of biathlon enthusiasts were invited by the Ski Club Schliersee to join in a charity event. Located on the Seefestwiese near Vitalwelt, a special cross country track had been installed this winter season to create a buzz about the much beloved sport. Participants of the event […]


Snow Chaos in Schliersee? Not a Chance

The New Year, 2019, began with an amazingly extreme snowfall of several meters. “Snow chaos” or “schneechaos” was the hashtag that the press gave to the storm, but for the Schliersee locals, it meant we had just scored gold for this season’s winter fun. This part of Germany does such a great job of snow […]


A Sheepish Rescue in Schliersee

I often get phone calls that others might think strange. Recently I received such a call from my soft hearted colleague Ulrike McCarthy. She asked if I would come take some photos to help save the life of a young,Weißes Bergschaf, male sheep. The poor creature’s only mistake was to be born a boy in […]


Taste of Italy in Schliersee – La Stazione

No structure in Neuhaus strikes more interest with locals and tourists alike than our local little train station. For four years my husband and I speculated about this building. You have to imagine our excitement when one Saturday while doing our obligatory recycling duty we noticed a sandwich board placed out front. What could this […]